Upgrade Your Scheduling Site Course

Upgrade Your Scheduling Site Course

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Is your scheduling site an eye-sore? Want to get people to successfully book on your site? Or even... do you want to add this a service for your own brand?

Then this is the course for you! Let's get started on your own time.

  1. Formats for design sizing
  2. Creating tabs/ designing
  3. Uploading for use.


Need feedback after course? Submit your work to: info@likelymaybestudio.com



command + j = copy layer

alt (option) + layer = mask layer

command + t = transform

DURATION: 24 mins

30 Minute Guaidance Call

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Don't take our word for it


wow!! This is great and fits me so well, I appreciate you executing and taking the time to ensure each thing fits me and my channel. The goat!! I love it!! 🔥

Tye C.



I had such a great consultation with Ky! I am very inspired and ready to hit the ground running with my brand 💜


Philadelphia, PA