The Big Transition: Canva to Photoshop | The Essentials

The Big Transition: Canva to Photoshop | The Essentials

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Have you been scared to move on over to photoshop? As soon as you open up the app your brain just shuts down? Then this class is for you!

This course will take you from a Canva designer to a Photoshop pro! Open up Adobe Photoshop & feel like you can create anything in this world!

Design a promotional flyer!

  1. Cutting + Masking
  2. Weave Text
  3. Adding Icons
  4. Format For Design
  5. Apps For Content Add-ons


Need feedback after course? Submit your work to:



command + j = copy layer

alt (option) + layer = mask layer

command + t = transform


1800px 1800px

DURATION: 27 mins

30 Minute Guaidance Call

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wow!! This is great and fits me so well, I appreciate you executing and taking the time to ensure each thing fits me and my channel. The goat!! I love it!! 🔥

Tye C.



I had such a great consultation with Ky! I am very inspired and ready to hit the ground running with my brand 💜


Philadelphia, PA