Why You Should Start a Graphic Design Business

Why You Should Start a Graphic Design Business

Say it with me… “better your content, better your life!”

If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur it’s imperative that you understand the benefits of using clean, eye-catching graphics and how doing so can make or break your brand.

From your logo, brand colors, social media posts, website, business cards, and more, each piece of content that you put out is a representation of your brand and everything that it stands for. The products you sell are only a portion of what it takes to have a successful business, but how are you going to bring in customers? How will you advertise to spread brand awareness? How will you differentiate your brand from your competitors to convince customers that they should buy from you instead?  You need to have a strong marketing strategy and hanging paper flyers on your community billboard just isn’t cutting it anymore.

A New Era

*Ring Ring Ring* Graphic Design is calling. Are you going to pick up?

We are now living in the digital marketing era. Traditional marketing relied solely on writing, but now as technology advances, we are seeing infographics, videos, social media, blogs, and e-books become more and more important to businesses. Do not underestimate the impact that graphic design has on your brand. No matter what path you choose to take as an entrepreneur, whether that’s a service provider, youtuber, artist, or CEO of a clothing boutique, trust me, you will need solid content to strengthen the image of your brand and give it the momentum it needs to hit the ground running.

Now that so many interactions are taking place over, effective communication is pivotal. Think about all the times you’ve read a text message over and over trying to interpret what someone meant before sending your response. For me, it’s been too many times! This is why graphics are so important! You need to communicate with your target audience clearly and effectively through visuals that depict some concept or idea.

Research shows that of the general population:

  • 65% need to see information to retain it.
  • 80% remember what they see
  • 10% of what they hear
  • 20% of what they read

For this reason, people prefer visual information so that they can make quick and informed decisions easily.

First Of All

Let’s talk about first impressions. Have you ever walked into an establishment and felt very unwelcomed, like your presence was a disturbance? No polite greeting, no offer of assistance, no anything. Just a slight glance and that’s all you get. Has this happened to you, or is it just me? What makes the situation worse is when you’ve heard so many positive things about the place from your peers and you’ve been so excited to try it out and then this is what you get. Subpar service and a sour taste in your mouth. My first thoughts, “they must not want my money.”

OR have you ever gone out on a first date with someone and just spent the whole time thinking about how they won’t ever hear from you again after the night is over with? Thinking to yourself, “Nope. This ain’t it.” Lord, please, never again…

First impressions are everything. Anyone could stumble upon your website or social media at any given moment, so be prepared. Give them a sight to see. That’s what they’re there for. They want to know who you are and what you can do for them. Your brand should always be appealing to look at. Good content shows that you are passionate enough about your brand to care about its quality and image. With good graphic design and attractive visuals, you are more likely to receive a higher level of visibility and increased credibility. In return, you will start to see a rise in sales and authentic leads.

Getting Ahead of the Game with Graphics!

In 2000 Netflix offered to sell the company over to Blockbuster for only $50 million dollars. Making what is now seen as a huge mistake, John Antioco, the CEO of Blockbuster, declined because he believed the niche was “very small.” He couldn’t see the potential or direction that the entertainment industry was headed towards. A sad story for Blockbuster as they are now only a memory of the past while Netflix is one of the fastest growing companies in the world with an estimated revenue of $30 billion dollars in 2021 alone.

Amazon, another powerhouse online retailer was ranked as number 2 in the Fortune 500 Companies for 2021. Apple placed as number 3 and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, was also ranked in the top 10. See the trend? Online stores are winning!

Now is your time, sis!

Don’t be a Blockbuster. Be a Netflix. Stay innovative and jump on any opportunity you can to learn about graphic design and all things digital marketing. Take advantage of the times we are living in. There are 4 main stages of a business cycle: Expansion, Peak, Contraction, and Trough.

  • Expansion - business is booming and demand is high. Money is rolling in!
  • Peak – The business has hit a climax and reached their high for revenue and sales.
  • Contraction – Growth is slowing. The business is slowly dying in popularity.
  • Trough – Out with the old and in with the new! The business has lost its relevance and is no longer growing.

Digital marketing is in the expansion stage which makes now the perfect time to start or grow your graphics business as the demand for these skills are high. Let’s make some money!

Why You Should Start a Graphic Design Business

Graphic design can literally change your life! It changed mine. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the $50 YouTube Intro Sale that I ran back in 2018.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider becoming a graphic designer:

Create Your Own Schedule

Imagine this:

It’s a mid-summer Tuesday afternoon, the weather is nice, and there’s a gentle breeze blowing through the air. You’re sitting outside on your back patio with a new playlist playing softly in the background. It’s about 6 PM and you’ve just finished your last bit of work for the day. You shut your computer and are getting ready to go inside to cook dinner, pour a glass of wine, and relax for the rest of the night.  Before getting up, you realize your phone is vibrating. It’s your bestie calling to tell you she found a great deal for a 5-night trip to St. Martin at an all-inclusive resort for only $1,000. A steal! Just before getting off the phone, she drops the bomb that the deal is only valid for specific dates and to receive the offer, you would need to leave in 2 days. 

Not a problem. You get off the phone and get to packing right away. You are a freelance graphic designer, so you set your own schedule. There is no leave slip required and no grumpy boss to tell you no.

You have a few projects due by Friday evening, but you decide to take the trip anyway and finish your work on a beautiful beach, under a palm tree, while (responsibly) sipping on a delicious Caribbean coconut mojito and relaxing to the calm sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well, it doesn’t have to be. This can be you sitting ocean side working from wherever you want in the world.

As a freelance graphic designer, you have the freedom to work whenever you want and from wherever you want. All you need is a computer and internet!

Learn a Skillset that is Lucrative and Transferable

Think of all the people who have rose to success from TikTok. That is a form of digital marketing. People are using the platform to showcase their talents, hacks, tips, and tricks and we, the consumers watching, are loving it! That’s quality content which then turns into paid content. Graphic designers have a broad skillset, which is what makes them desirable. Creating beautiful visuals, editing content, controlling e-mail campaigns, and writing sales copy are just a few of their daily responsibilities. This diversity opens a lot of doors for opportunity in other industries, such as marketing, sales, or social media. Graphic designers offer unique, yet very valuable knowledge and are an asset in any industry. The lucrative pay reflects that.

Employers are in search of individuals who can create great graphics as they begin settling in this new, unfamiliar digital environment. Although traditional graphic designers are only seeing a projected growth rate of 3% over the next few years, designers who specialize in digital content have nothing to fear. The projected growth rate is 13% from now until 2030. This is higher than the national average of all other occupations.

Whether you are trying to find an easy way to make a passive income or looking for your forever career, there is money in Graphic Design. The highest paying designers make over $100,000/year.

Network Opportunities

One of the best parts of being a graphic designer is meeting a variety of people and forming connections. When you expand your network, you can create long-lasting relationships in both your personal life and career. You know what they say, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Learn from these talented people and take notes. This will help boost your professional confidence and develop brand awareness.

Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and embrace the journey! It could take you on a wild ride, but the destination is well worth it. If you find yourself to be a creative, ambitious, and outgoing individual, graphic design may be your calling. This is your sign to get started!


 Hear what one babe had to say about her experience so far as a graphic designer:

“Being a graphic designer you are given the sole task of bringing someone’s idea/brand to life, and in order to do that you must be 100% invested in the project at hand to get the proper outcome. It’s stressful at times, but once you see your work come to life, it’s like a full circle moment and it’s very rewarding. This field of work is definitely a great choice too, if computers are your thing. It allows you to learn new techniques, help others in their business journey, and connect with so many people. It also offers a great deal of financial freedom if taken seriously and executed properly. Overall, I would highly recommend if you have the talent and ability for it.”